Sunday, January 8, 2012

It mechanism together habits

From the mouth of the babe or whatever she’s right. Sex is a cosmic occurrence at a micro level. The very word denotes it: Sex-Shudder, blow up! And it’s in the orgasm that you experience the magic of deathlessness, immortality and ecstasy all at once. So intense is the orgiastic explosion that it’s dying only to find you magnificently alive. It really is a spiritual skill when you see it from a broader perspective. This is particularly pertinent in today’s time because people are all the time more seeking and finding gurus, doing spiritual practices, moving into bliss. Along with this comes that ancient notion: no sex please, we are spiritual. Which is fine if both acquaintances are in that same space? What if they are not? What if one partner is physically charged even as the other is religious charged and unwilling to comply with the former’s wishes? Thunder stalks wonderland.
It’s a sensitive issue. The corporeal one should not feel rejected. The religious one should not feel violated. Interestingly, both aspects the physical, wanting to make love and the spiritual, inadequate to slip into diffident paradise have their charm, their possess magic. And I promoter: go for both. Why not have your cake and eat it too, huh? If that is not actions, the first step would be to try and see the other’s viewpoint by itself, not as one that clash with mine.

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